It seems like ages since I last added a post to illdad. In fact, today is 26 September 2012, so almost two weeks has passed since I wrote about National Stroke Week on 14 September 2012. And while this isn’t a long time, somehow I feel writing one blog post every two weeks isn’t quite enough. I think a higher frequency might be better for both myself and my readers – say, two or three times a week – however I need privacy to do this.

Last week my son was home sick from school for three days. He had a virus infection so I had to get some medicine from the doctor. As a result I just didn’t have time to sit down and write and I don’t blog on the weekend because this is family time, like the evenings, when my wife is home from work. Then during this week and next school holidays are scheduled so I probably wont get much time to write either.

I am only able to write now because my son has gone to spend time with his aunty today and my wife is at work. So I applied for two part-time jobs this morning, and I’m now finally getting around to blogging, which I have not been able to find time for until just now. Still I mustn’t complain because spending time with family is the most important thing you can ever do if the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie is correct.